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John Carpenter Has Secret Science Fiction Plans Involving They Live 2


John Carpenter has developed a reputation for viewing the film industry through a somewhat jaded lens. However, with the new Halloween movie on track to become the franchise’s biggest hit, the 70-year-old horror master is likely to experience a fresh wave of industry interest in his body of work. While he’s not necessarily enthusiastic about the prospect of another revival, he is willing to take on an advisory role—if the price is right. “Let’s see the next proposal,” he told Den of Geek. “I can’t do a blanket kind of, ‘Oh, okay. Yes, I’ll do that.’ I don’t know, but I’m up for almost anything that involves money. That’s a nice thing. It’s always nice.”

One Carpenter favourite that has yet to get a sequel or remake is 1988’s They Live, but there appears to be movement in that direction. “I’m not gonna tell you about that because it might be closer to reality than you think,” he said, before reflecting on an earlier attempt that never came to fruition. “There was a feature film. It was a feature film called Resistance, written by, oh, the guy who did the Apes movies. Matt Reeves. But then he moved on, and so the sequel is, well, we’ll see. We’ll just have to see.”

In addition to the possibility of letting someone else resurrect one of his classics, Carpenter is long overdue to step behind the camera himself, as he hasn’t directed a film since 2010’s The Ward. While he didn’t reveal any specifics, he did express interest in making a Godzilla movie (“I’d do it in Japan, and I’d use their effects”) or something else in a sci-fi vein. “There are some ideas floating around,” he explained. “But see, I’m working on those. I’m not gonna tell you about them. But yeah, there’s a bunch. There’s a science fiction novel or two I’d love to do. We’ll see.”

David Gordon Green’s Halloween arrives in theatres tomorrow. Check out the trailer below.