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Here’s A Side-By-Side View Of John Boyega Losing It Over The New Force Awakens Trailer

Earlier this week, the new stars of The Force Awakens posted videos of themselves watching the new trailer. Daisy Ridley was caught crying under the covers at a B&B. Even BB-8 got in on the fun and made his own reaction vid. But by far the best was John Boyega’s vertically shot phone vid.  If you didn’t already love him (how could you not?!?), this video will seal the deal. I don’t think he blinks once.

After working for months on the film, it’s nice to see he isn’t jaded or bored with it. He’s seen more of the movie than any of us fans, and yet he’s STILL THAT EXCITED ABOUT IT.  A good sign, my fellow Star Wars-ians.

Of course, the best part of the whole reaction vid is when he finally sees himself facing off against Kylo Ren with lightsaber in hand. Yep, John–that’s how we all are feeling right now. If I had a couch behind me while watching the trailer, I too would have leapt backwards over it whilst wooooo’ing. Instead, I was just left with tears of joy in my eyes and an intense wish that it was December 18 right now. Like, NOW, now. Oh god, why is it only October?!?

Kudos to our InnerSpace editor Nelson Delgado, who set the trailer next to Boyega’s reaction vid so we can see exactly what he’s reacting to. It doesn’t get old—even after the 30th viewing.

Now excuse me while I go stare at the calendar and try to force push away the month of November.