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7 Cool Things Joe Wright Told Us About The Making Of Pan


A jet-lagged Joe Wright made a stopover in Toronto last night to show off some footage from his soon to be released movie Pan. The director, whose previous projects include Hanna, Atonement, and Anna Karenina, talked about why he decided to take on the Peter Pan origin story (it had a lot more laughs in it than Anna Karenina), what it was like to cast the title character (“12-year-old boys are just weird.”), and where he drew inspiration from (Time Bandits and Indiana Jones). Here’s what we found out about life on the set of Pan:

1. The production built multiple, full-scale pirate ships for the film. The extra effort was worth it—the cast spent an entire month shooting on them. Wright clarified that they don’t actually fly, however, that part comes courtesy of the magic of green screen.


2. Hugh Jackman’s Blackbeard was inspired by Wright’s kids—specifically, their nightmares. Wright also chose Jackman for his experience on stage. He wanted an actor who could be over the top and theatrical. What he didn’t want was a method actor. “That would be a nightmare,” he quipped.


3. The movie is Levi Miller’s first acting gig. No big deal, he’s just playing the title character. “The film is very much on his shoulders,” says Wright. No pressure, kid.


4. Princess Tiger Lily and her tribe were inspired by indigenous peoples from across the globe. Wright thought that using Native Americans (an American take on the story that wasn’t specified in the original book) was “dodgy” so he instead cast people of many different ethnicities.


5. Blackbeard has a strange and terrifying addiction: to hand sanitizer, which seems to be plentiful in Neverland.


6. Captain Hook’s name was Hook long before he ever had a hook or became a captain. This isn’t only Peter’s origin story, it’s Hook’s too and though the pair became sworn enemies, they were once allies.


7. The best fighter in Neverland is a woman. Rooney Mara’s Tiger Lily can kick the butt of anyone on the island, including Hook. As a fighter, says Wright, the future most-feared man in Neverland is “rubbish.”


Pan is out October 9. Watch the latest trailer right here: