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Some Pretty Strange Stuff Happens On The Set Of Doctor Who And Jenna Coleman Isn’t Afraid To Talk About It

jenna coleman

Like her character Clara, Jenna Coleman likes to speak her mind. On-set flirting? Prop theft? Souffle-making? She was candid about all of it at Fan Expo this past weekend. As for the most embarrassing behind the scenes moment that she’s experienced during her time on Doctor Who? She’ll tell you about those too. Well, Peter Capaldi’s anyway. Here’s what we found out during Jenna’s recent visit to Toronto:

She had to lie (a lot) about auditioning for the show—even to the BBC. When she showed up for her audition, Coleman had to tell the studio’s reception that she was trying out for a part on a pilot called Men on Waves, an anagram for ‘woman seven’ (aka the Doctor’s seventh female companion).

No, she cannot make a souffle, but she’s tried! Asked by a fan if she knew how to prepare the notoriously tricky dish in real life, Coleman answered “Does anybody? I googled it as well. It’s really hard… I watched some video on how to make a souffle. There was a scene where I was whipping some eggs, and I wanted to look really realistic, so I actually looked it up.” No dice. People say you can learn anything on the internet. Those people are liars.


She’s recently stolen a few Doctor Who props but nothing from Clara’s awesome wardrobe.

“I have recently for the first time,” the actor answered when a fan wondered if she’d taken any souvenirs from set.

“Did they know you were taking it?” asked Innerspace’s Teddy Wilson.

“Not yet!” said Coleman, adding “I can tell you one of them. I’ve stolen three things. The first one is a clockwork squirrel. I though the clockwork squirrel was really cute so they’ve given me a clockwork squirrel. The other two things are secret so we’ll find out. Or they will find out.”

As for the clothes she wears on the show, they stay with the wardrobe department. “I find it a bit weird because they’re Clara’s. They have a name in the label. I think when you bought them for Clara it feels weird to wear them in my own life, so no.”


Sadly, there has yet to be any monster/companion love matches made on the set of Doctor Who. “I’ve never been chatted up by a monster,” says Coleman, “but, you would have really funny conversations like ‘Hey mummy from the Orient Express, so what are you going to go for for lunch?’ just after you’ve done a take where he’s trying to kill you. And then he’s like, ‘I’m going to go for the fish and chips.’ It’s hilarious. There is a whole comedy between the scenes when everybody says cut and you’re hanging out with the Daleks.”


And what about those inevitable embarrassing behind the scenes moments? Coleman won’t elaborate on her own but she’s happy to share Capaldi’s: “He went missing at 3 am in a power station and he came back soaking wet. He was hungry and went for a walk by himself, found a button and pressed and it was actually a shower. So he came back in his full Doctor costume at 3am having by accident taken a shower because he was too curious to not press a button—which I very much enjoyed.” Yep, us too.


Both Coleman and Capaldi (and Alex Kingston!) return for the new season of Doctor Who, premiering September 19 on Space.