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Jason Bourne Fights His Way Through Another Explosive Trailer

The new trailer for Jason Bourne has arrived, bringing the latest entry in this popular franchise into clearer focus. In fact, clarity appears to be the new name of the game for Bourne, who claims he now remembers everything, even if he doesn’t know everything. The similarly conflicted spy Nicolette (Julia Stiles) is back to steer Bourne in the right direction… maybe. Damon recently explained the characters’ new bond to Entertainment Weekly: “Life out in the cold isn’t working for either of them.”


Much of the new trailer takes place around a Greek riot, a sequence that looks extremely convincing, even though it was shot in the Canary Islands. “Never for one second did I not feel like I was in the middle of some austerity riot,” Damon explained. “I don’t know if it was something specific to Tenerife or that they were really excited to be in this movie or some combination of the two, but they [the extras] were awesome.”


In the new trailer, you’ll also see segments of an elaborate motorcycle chase. While the Bourne series has some undeniable links to Mission: Impossible, Damon and Tom Cruise have very different attitudes about high-risk stunts. The Jason Bourne star makes it clear that some tasks are better left to stuntman Paul Edmondson. “He does all the stuff that is life-threatening that I could never get insured for, and quite frankly, would never do,” he said. “Mostly because I’d just look terrified while doing it.”

Jason Bourne arrives in theatres July 29. Check out the new trailer below.