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Horror Giant Jason Blum Reveals One Key To His Success

Happy Death Day

For those observing from a safe distance, making horror movies might seem like a reliable path to success, but Blumhouse Productions has enjoyed considerably more success than any of its peers. (The company’s 2017 blockbusters include Get Out, Happy Death Day, and Split.) In other words, when studio head Jason Blum shares his secrets, everyone else listens.

In a recent conversation with Cinema Blend, Blum revealed a hard, fast rule for avoiding an R rating: if the key characters are under 18, the movie has to be PG-13. “If someone gave me a great scary movie all about high school kids, and they said it was R-rated, we wouldn’t make it,” he explained. “You can’t make a movie about kids and then tell those kids they can’t go see it without their parents. It doesn’t work—although people have tried.”

According to Blum, he learned this lesson the hard way on 2015’s The Gallows, a movie about teens—that most teens couldn’t see without a guardian. “It was a big, big mistake,” he said. “The Gallows is a movie about high school kids, R-rated—and the movie didn’t work. And the movie was quite good. The movie tested well. It was a playable movie. And I think mostly it had to do with the R-rating that we allowed. We should have cut it back and gotten it to the PG-13, but I didn’t.”

You can see Blumhouse’s latest PG-13 blockbuster, Insidious: The Last Key, in theatres now. Check out the trailer below.