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Jar Jar Actor Wanted His Character To Suffer A Violent Death

star wars

There are Jar Jar Binks fans out there somewhere, but Jar Jar himself isn’t necessarily one of them. When it became apparent that the world was not responding well to the character’s appearance in The Phantom Menace, George Lucas had to scramble to remove him from any future plans for the series, leaving actor Ahmed Best without the closure he needed to leave the character in the past.

“I always complained to George when I realized that [Revenge of the] Sith was pretty much not going to have Jar Jar in it and they were moving very, very far from me,” he told Jamie Stangroom, before clarifying the nature of his disappointment. “I always complained to George that I didn’t get a good death.”

Whatever affection Best had for the character dried up in the wake of the massive fan backlash. Unfortunately, the character’s lack of clear resolution has kept him active in the minds of many, always threatening to make another appearance in the series. As Best sees it, there’s a simple way Lucas could have solved this problem.

“I wanted to really be just hacked to pieces in some kind of way… and George wouldn’t do it,” he said. “I always said that Jar Jar’s fate was too open-ended, I would have loved to have closed it in some way. I think everybody wants some kind of Jar Jar closure to happen, including me.”

To hear more of Best’s conversation with Jamie Stangroom, check out the full interview below.