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Disney Sent Guardians Director To Comic-Con As The Joker

james gunn

When it comes to movies, Marvel rarely has much to say about their rivals over at DC. However, it appears that the studio’s employees have a playful sense of humour about this rivalry. In a “throwback Thursday” Instagram post last week, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn relayed the details of an amusing incident that occurred during Marvel’s visit to the San Diego Comic-Con in 2013. The best part? It involves one of DC’s most iconic characters.


Gunn’s Instagram post captures all the pertinent details: “While in the middle of shooting Guardians, the cast and I flew out to San Diego for a secret surprise panel at Comic-Con,” he wrote. “The Disney folks asked us not to leave our rooms, so we wouldn’t tip off the fans about the appearance—but there was no way I was going to stay in my room for a full day.”

When Gunn and actor Michael Rooker insisted that they wanted to hit the floor, a Disney rep brought them both masks. In an unusual twist—that probably kept fans off the scent—Gunn was given a mask for a DC staple: the Joker. “Uh, you guys realize Joker’s not Marvel, right?” Gunn told the Disney rep, who explained that this is the mask that happened to be available. “I didn’t care,” wrote Gunn. “I like Joker. So this is what I wore around SDCC for the day. It was uncomfortable as hell.”