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Jaimie Alexander Tells Us How She Got In That Bag For Blindspot



Jaimie Alexander, star of the new show Blindspot, may look like a total badass, but as she swore to MTV News this summer at San Diego Comic-Con, “I’m like a teddy bear.”


“Well, no. Not all the time.”

It’s easy to see why people might assume she’s hardcore (she said she gets asked whether she brought her sword, constantly): she plays Lady Sif in the Thor movies, and her new Blindspot character, Jane Doe, is a mysterious lady covered in tattoos who emerges naked from a duffel bag in Times Square, fists flying.

And about that duffel bag: did they really put her in it? “Yes, they did,” she said.

“Being in the bag was really tough,” she admitted. “It was really small. We had to try to squish my body as much as I could to fit in the smallest bag because we didn’t want a massive, massive body bag, it would be too obvious. Really, the shock value is what comes out of that bag. It doesn’t look like it’s big enough for a person because it wasn’t. But yeah, I was in there and I had a little wire I could pull that would pull the zippers apart if I needed.”

Claustrophobics, beware. But, Alexander said, there was an upside to being squished into the bag.
“It was so cold outside that I was actually OK with being in the bag,” she said. “It was like a little cocoon. The coziest bag in Times Square.”

As for her tattoos, Alexander said “they apply them one by one. It takes a little while.”

And by “a little while” she means seven hours for a full head-to-toe application. Often, we’ll see her amnesiac character in three-quarter sleeves or similar, meaning fewer of the tattoos will be exposed, but Alexander said she hopes to show off all the ink eventually.

“I won’t be doing it every day, but I have asked that throughout the season we get to see Jane’s tattoos as much as possible,” she said. “It’s such beautiful artwork.”

She’s looking forward to fans seeing tonight’s premiere, she said, because Blindspot redefines the genre.

“Each episode is so fast,” she said. “There’s so much going on. Each episode is so explosive. It’s not your average procedural at all.”