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Here’s A Dawn Of Justice Mashup That Proves Its Sometimes Sunny In Gotham City



We don’t have a Venn diagram on the intersection of superhero fans and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans but if you are in that specific set, this mashup is going to make your day.

YouTube user Albert Lopez’s idea to cast Superman and Batman as Dayman and Nightman from It’s Always Sunny’s terrible/amazing musical The Nightman Cometh is so good we wish we’d thought of it ourselves.

Yes, there are some pretty major differences between the two duos (it’s unlikely that either Supes or Batman ever huffed silver spray paint out of a dirty sock—but you also can’t prove that they didn’t) and yet Dennis and Charlie’s song ‘The Dayman’ matches up so well with this recut trailer from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. At the same time, the characters are near-perfect parallels.


If you’re unfamiliar with the It’s Always Sunny episode that features ‘The Dayman’ song, you can see it here at the eight minute mark. (And again at 9:10. And then one more time, with a troll singing backup, at 9:58.) Hang in ‘til the end to witness the world’s harshest marriage proposal rejection. We bet Superman never got shut down that hard. (Batman? Maybe.)


Here’s Lopez’s awesome mashup in which god battles man, Day fights Night, and the loser must pay the troll toll: