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Is the DC Universe in Trouble?

With Avengers: Age of Ultron arriving in theatres, Marvel is having one of the most successful weeks in its history. DC’s week has been a very different story.

While the company is currently in various stages of production on some highly anticipated superhero movies (Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman), a new article suggests that DC has a confused cinematic vision. Marvel has been criticized for bullying writers and directors, but this has resulted in a surprisingly coherent movie universe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, DC is struggling to achieve the same goal.


Rather than conceive of a careful vision for each new movie, DC and Warner have embraced a creative lottery system that leaves a lot up to chance. According to the article, five scripts were simultaneously commissioned for Wonder Woman. DC and Warner simply picked the one they liked best and proceeded from there.


As you might expect, this has resulted in some confusion and inconsistency. In the case of Aquaman, one of the three hired writers followed studio instructions, only to learn that his script was unusable due to some unexpected changes in the rules of the DC universe.

It’s too early to tell whether DC and Warner can find their way out of this mess, but one source claims there’s widespread concern. “They just haven’t been thorough about their whole world and how each character fits and how to get the most out of each writer’s time by giving them direction,” says the source. “Obviously, Marvel’s very good at that.”