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Are you a journalism student who digs Doctor Who, adores Orphan Black, and is smitten with Bitten? Do you also love sci-fi, horror, and fantasy movies? How about comics, video games, and tech?

If the answer is a whole lot of yes, you’re in luck. Interviews are already underway for that special someone who can hop on board as a intern.

Term lengths are flexible, but we’re hoping you’ll be able to put up with our reasonable(ish) demands for around 16 weeks during the winter term. Unless you’ve figured out a way to sell school credits on the black market, these are non-paid positions. Remember, this must be for school credit. College credit, specifically—no kiddos. On the bright side, you’ll get to work in a historic Toronto building, gain valuable experience alongside our generally-likeable staff, write about rad shows, movies, and games, and probably get a bunch of free stuff.

So break out your favourite piece of word-processing software and tell us why you want to write about some of the coolest stuff on the planet.

Just send your resume and cover letter with the subject line “Space Internship” to, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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