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5 Must-Sees In Orphan Black’s Final Season


We have so many feels about Orphan Black coming to an end later this year, so here are the top five things we’re looking forward to!


5. Rachel

Most of last season found Rachel in recovery and since she despises being less than suave, it was uber-satisfying to watch her rise up in the final episodes and take down Evie Cho. Sure, she may have stabbed her mother and her sister, but who doesn’t love watching Rachel being so completely terrible? It should be titillating to watch her in a position of Neolutional power as the final season kicks off.



4. Susan Duncan

She goes from antagonist to protagonist in the blink of an eye—in fact, Susan Duncan is one of the most unusual characters on modern TV. She’s ruthless yet has an allure we rarely see depicted in mature female characters, an allure that had us back on team Duncan even after we saw her basically fornicating with her own son. We last saw Susan bleeding to death and held captive by her own daughter, but if there’s any justice in this world, it won’t be the end for one of the most complex characters on the show.



3. Krystal

My favourite line from last year may have been Krystal’s response to being told she was genetically identical to Sarah, “She’s like a seven on a good day, and I’ve been told I’m a 10.” As Tatiana told us last year on After the Black, the Krystal costume is the clone get-up that causes her the most physical discomfort, and Tat, we feel ya. Krystal’s that perfect mix of hurts-so-good cause while she’s a painful character to watch, she brings great levity to the show. One question: where were we before Krystal showed up?



2. Delphine

Being on a Delphine starvation diet for a year wasn’t easy. Cosima missed her, we missed her, and let’s get real—we missed her fabulous hair. I’m still not sure we can fully trust Delphine, but we need her back if for no reason other than to follow through with the promise she made to one very sick Cosmia at the end of last season—Delphine won’t let Cosima die.



1. P.T. Westmoreland

As the season came to a close last year, Rachel was JUST about to meet her maker. P.T. Westmoreland is the reason we have the Leda clones, the Castor clones, and it’s his science that’s supposed to be behind this entire show. Westmoreland may be over centuries old and we know he’ll be played by actor Stephen McHattie, but we’ll have to wait until the final season begins before the mystery surrounding this central character is revealed.



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