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Morgan’s Monster Hunt: The Skunk Ape

Weeknights 7e 4p

To celebrate the release of Kong: Skull Island, Morgan is set free in the wild to hunt some of North America’s most legendary monsters. She starts her search for the infamous Skunk Ape in the Florida Everglades with researcher and expert, Dave Shealy.

Shealy says that he once camped out for six months to catch the Skunk Ape in its natural habitat for some video evidence of the monster.

“It was almost like seeing a ghost. I filmed it and then until I saw the replay I didn’t believe what I had seen,” he said. But what you really want to look for when hunting Skunk Apes are its tracks.

According to Shealy, “What you are looking for is it would look like a person with no shoes on. They are a little wider in front and what’s unusual is there are only 4 toes. And the toes are longer than it would be on a human foot.”

Check out Morgan’s adventure in the Everglades to find out if she spotted a Skunk Ape of her own.