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The Voight Kampff Test You Won’t See In Blade Runner 2049

Weeknights 7e 4p

Let it be said that if you’re a sci-fi fan, you’re likely a Blade Runner fan. Not only is it quintessential viewing in the genre, but the original movie even roped mainstream movie-goers into the realm of science fiction and grew one of the largest cult-followings in cinematic history.

So with the weekend’s release of Blade Runner 2049, and as any committed sci-fi fan is wont to do, we at InnerSpace couldn’t resist the opportunity to spoof the infamous Voight Kampff Test. (Also, we sorta started a trend when we spoofed Denis Villeneuve’s last movie Arrival earlier this year, basically whatever Denis does, we also must do.)

Now keep in mind, the original film had a budget of 28 million dollars and our Canadian TV allowance was a sliver less than that, so—with many thanks to our Editor-turned-Art Director, Nelson Delgado, and our intrepid Intern, Josh Felice—we had fun cutting, pasting, taping and scouring our personal belongings for sets and props.

For example, we taped these classy InnerSpace Corp. stencils to our studio chairs.

Projects like these are basically figments of your mind until you start to see things happen in real time. In this case, we started getting excited when we saw Morgan in costume. Designed by Katie Tobin, and modelled after Sean Young’s Rachel in the original film, Morgan transformation was ace.

But my personal moment of squee happened when I saw Morgan and Ajay’s profiles in silhouette on the monitors. Throughout the shoot, they captured the Blade Runner tone to a T.

Incidentally, anyone else think Ajay’s a dead ringer for Tintin?

Since virtually everything pales in comparison to Blade Runner, we think it’s pretty special that we now have our own, unique memory surrounding the release of Blade Runner 2049—which by the way, Ajay, Morgan and I have already seen and… we think it’s awesome and definitely worth seeing in the theatre.

Catch our spoof in the clip below!