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How To Win In A Fight… According To Ice Cube

Weeknights 7e 4p

InnerSpace host Teddy Wilson recently went to Los Angeles to interview the cast of Fist Fight, which included a one-on-one with actor/musician Ice Cube. The two chatted about fighting the system, fighting co-actor Charlie Day and… fighting each other!

Yes, Teddy had the gall to ask Ice Cube how the former NWA rapper would go about taking him down in a fist-fight (needless to say, it was a given that Teddy would be taken down).

Ice Cube’s sole piece of advice for winning a fight was “TAKE. THE FIRST. PUNCH. If you know there’s no way this is not going to end in a fight, make sure you take the first punch cause it sucks getting hit first.”

Catch more of the interview in the clip below: