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A Kitty Pryde X-Men Movie Is In The Works

X Men

When most people mention the X-Men these days, they’re usually talking about Wolverine or Professor Xavier, and with the most recent movie news and podcasts revelations we can hardly blame them. However, things may be about to change as a Kitty Pryde-focused movie could be in the works (finally).

The current title of the film is a coded ‘143’, which many believe stands for the comic number of Kitty’s first solo adventure (1981’s Uncanny X-Men­ #143). Although we’re now waiting on the ‘official’ announcement the film has already picked up a killer crew; Deadpool director Tim Miller will be working on the project and with the critical success that was the first Deadpool movie we’re sure he won’t disappoint. On top of that, it’s been announced that Jessica Jones’ creator Brian Michael Bendis will be spearheading the spin-off’s script. This has left us wondering just what the tone and plot will be.

Kitty Pryde first appeared in the X-Men comics during the ‘v80s and is widely known as one of the peppiest X-Men. Born and raised in Illinois as the only daughter of a middle-class Jewish couple, Kitty’s powers allow her to ‘phase’ through solid objects. Despite having appeared only briefly within the first two X-Men films, Kitty has become a more notable character in the series since Ellen Page took up the role for X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), and then in Days of Future Past. For the past few years the role has been left vacant, just waiting for another bright-eyed actor to breathe life into the character.

As we await the official confirmation/release date for the film (and whether or not Marvel Studios will be able to include the Fox-owned X-Men within future films), we can take comfort in the fact she’s in good hands. Here’s to getting another badass female-led hero film.