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Marvel Brings Back Howard The Duck?

It’s hard to believe now, but Marvel characters didn’t always enjoy smooth transitions to the big screen. Back in 1986, Howard the Duck became the first live action Marvel movie adaptation in 42 years—and proceeded to fail miserably. Grossing just $38 million worldwide, it was one of the defining box office bombs of its time. Many of the people involved—including producer George Lucas—believed the comic had great potential, but the special effects of 1986 weren’t quite ready for a walking, talking, guitar-playing duck. (Howard the Duck was supposed to be an animated film, but a transition was made to live action, in order to fulfill contractual obligations.)

howard the duck

29 years and one Guardians of the Galaxy post-credits cameo later, special effects probably are ready for Howard the Duck, but is Marvel? For now, the answer is no, and it’s likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. But if you’re curious to see how this ridiculous character might fit into today’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, Vulture has a treat for you.

howard the duck

As part of the Vulture Remix series, the site has put together a trailer that imagines Howard the Duck sharing screen time with Black Widow, Nick Fury, and other Marvel mainstays. We can only assume that a modern Howard the Duck would look nothing like his 1986 movie predecessor, but it’s unlikely we’ll get a chance to confirm that. Instead, you duck fans will have to settle for this inspired mashup.