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47 New Ways To Kill Bad Guys, Courtesy Of Hitman: Agent 47

agent 47


Rupert Friend is best known for doing period pieces like Pride and Prejudice and The Young Victoria, but Homeland fans will know him as the mysterious and furniture-averse CIA operative Peter Quinn. In Hitman: Agent 47, he’s definitely more Quinn than Prince Albert. For his latest film, Friend plays a genetically engineered super-human assassin in a race to beat others like him, hired by a corporation that wants to expand the program that created these agents—an undertaking that will put the rest of humanity at risk.

The movie, from first-time director Aleksander Bach, is a reboot of 2007’s Hitman. Both films are based on IO Interactive’s video game franchise of the same name.

Known only by the last two digits of the barcode imprinted on the back of his neck, 47 has no problem with the pile of obstacles that stands between him and his mission, nor with the trail of corpses he leaves in his wake.


The body count in Agent 47 is video game-level high but it’s the way the hitman takes out his targets that provides the real reason to head to the theatre (that, and the air conditioning). Here are our favourite new ways to rid the planet of evil (with some minor collateral damage):

1. Use a robot sniper (so tidy!)

2. Death by pneumatic power tool.

3. Get Spock to take them out.


4. Decapitated with scrap metal.

5. Toaster in the bathtub.

6. Thrown down dozens of flights of metal stairs.

7. Run over by a red Audi RS 7.


8. Chopped clean in two by an industrial vise.

9. Punched in the throat to death.

10. Punched with a gun that is also firing bullets at you.


11. Head twisted off like a bottle cap.

12. Falling from a zipline and/or being shot while ziplining.

13. Chopped to death (by a chopper).

14. Shot by a Cirque du Soleil acrobat school graduate.


15. Getting strangled and then having the thing that’s strangling you act as a conductor for your inevitable electrocution.

16. Being a bad shot.

17. Giant bomb, tiny detonator.

18. Loneliness.


Want to find out the other 29 ways? Check out Hitman: Agent 47 in theatres August 21. Here’s the trailer: