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Here’s What ‘Pulp Fiction’ Would Look Like As An 80s TV Show


Quentin Tarantino’s classic “Pulp Fiction” isn’t exactly the happiest movie of all time — but you wouldn’t know it based on this new take on Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield’s misadventures:

Just kidding. Still not happy.

“Pulpy Days” cuts scenes from “Pulp Fiction” together with the “Happy Days” theme song, and somehow, Tarantino’s thriller is even more terrifying with the happy music blaring in the background. Not even fond memories of the Fonz can water down the horrific images of Mia Wallace’s overdose, or Marsellus Wallace bound and gagged at the mercy of the Gimp. Doesn’t mean we wouldn’t watch a full “Pulpy Days” television series, of course.

(via Uproxx)