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The Rules For Watching Scary Movies, As Explained By This Scream Queen

Just because you’re in a scary movie doesn’t mean you have the heart of steel required to watch a scary movie without flinching. Just ask Chloe Rose, star of Hellions, which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival this week.

Rose stars in the movie as Dora, a teenager who, after finding out she’s pregnant, begins to experience various mind-bending horrors on Halloween. Tiny hellish trick-or-treaters visit her, and she must figure out how to protect herself and decide what’s real. It’s about growing up, processing fear, and the combination of the two, shot in a stylish pinky-red light that only adds to the spooky effect.

Rose, a horror fan herself, admitted to MTV News that her own movie spooked her out, but that she had rules for coping.

Here are her recommendations for scary movie watching.

1. Always roll with a group


“I’m a scaredy cat. So I like it but I have to watch horror in groups, you know, not, like, alone movie watcher.”

2. Keep in mind the time of day


“I can [watch movies in] the theater if I leave the theater and its still semi-light out. If it’s like midnight when I leave the theater I’m not happy, because then it’s dark, and I’m creeped out. I watched ’Paranormal Activity’ and we left the theater at like, 11:30 in the winter, and it was so dark and scary and cold and I was like, this is the worst idea ever, but I mean, if it’s 6 p.m. and in the summer, then I’m totally fine to watch a movie. It’s more about the lasting effects when you get home.”

3. Nothing too realistic


“I’m already scared of stuff like in my normal life, never mind through movies,” she said. “Don’t watch anything about like breaking and entering, torture, anything like that, not super into. I’m cool with stuff that I’m not gonna encounter in my room. While I did really like Paranormal Activity, I did like those kinds of movies, I’m scared of ghosts, one of my biggest fears—I’m not sure if they exist, but if they do, I’m scared of them.”

Follow these tips, and you should be in the clear for a nightmare-free night, post-movie.

As for how much of a hellion she herself is, Rose couldn’t say her film’s title didn’t apply to her even a little bit.

“I hop very minimally,” she said, “but maybe when I was a young child I took, around Halloween or whatever, I took pride in nicking behind doors or whatever, so in that sense, maybe, like a 10 percent hellion, a dash.”

Hellions is currently spooking select theatres. Watch the trailer here.