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Wands At The Ready—Here Comes Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Potter fans, rejoice—Niantic Inc. has announced their very own Harry Potterthemed smartphone app. Niantic, the company behind other well-received augmented reality (AR) games such as Pokémon GO, has partnered up with Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment to build the wizarding universe fans have been calling for since Pokémon GO’s 2016 release.

The news came as a shock to fans, as Niantic had denied all rumours of a Harry Potter app just last year. What started as a disheartening rumour has now blossomed into a fully-formed app.

Titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the AR game will allow fans to explore their surroundings and become a part of the adventure as they cast spells, discover magical creatures and artifacts, meet series characters and begin their own wizarding lives. Some speculate that a Pokémon GO-style ‘raid’, a feature that allows players to battle together at a gym for a high-level Pokémon, may be added to the game.

After all, the game promises to allow players to fight “legendary beasts and team up with others to take down powerful enemies,” and how else could that work? Still, despite the promised features, we’re wondering how Niantic will handle the issues that plagued Pokémon GO’s release.

High traffic volumes, tracking glitches and delayed bug patches drove down players’ excitement around Pokémon GO, leading many players to uninstall the game. With the nostalgia for the Harry Potter films and the excitement for the next instalment of Fantastic Beasts at its highest, the question remains: is Niantic prepared for the release?

To be the first to know when the app is released, sign up on the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite website here.