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Mashing Up Harry Potter And The Breakfast Club Actually Makes Hogwarts Look Like A Safe School

What if Harry, Ron, and Hermione entered the world of The Breakfast Club for a day? That’s exactly what Mashable Watercooler set out to explore with a mash-up of The Breakfast Club and Harry Potter.

In The Breakfast Club, each character has his or her own title: Criminal, Princess, Athlete, Brain, Basketcase. When you swap in Harry and company, it looks a little something like this:

Hermione = Brain
Ron = Beauty
Harry = Jock
Malfoy = Rebel
Luna = Recluse

Thanks to this recut, none of the inherent dangers Harry and his fellow wizards experience seem that major. Hogwarts seems like your standard boarding school, complete with teacher/student drama. Watch the recut trailer below.