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A Scientist Shot A Semi-Automatic Gun At Himself To Prove A Point About Water

It’s pretty impossible to shoot a gun effectively underwater. Not because guns can’t fire underwater—they can, actually. So what’s the deal?

The problem is the water itself. Water is 800 times denser than air—which makes it 800 times harder for a bullet to meet its target. One scientist decided that instead of just sharing that fact with all of us, he would put himself in mortal danger for science.

Physicist Andreas Wahl is host of a show in Norway called Life on the Line, and in every episode he puts himself in a potentially fatal situation to prove a point (like when he leapt off a building to show that a rope could make a knot because of his falling body weight). #SMH

For this experiment, Wahl stands in front of a semi-automatic gun in a pool to show that the bullet fired at his (very much not invincible) body would never make it there—and it doesn’t, but still.

Because there are always *those people* who see a dangerous thing on the internet and want to try it out immediately, we’ll just say now ???? Do ???? Not ???? Shoot ???? Bullets ???? At ???? Your ???? Own ???? Body ???? For ???? Science. Leave that to Wahl and all other brave-as-hell physicists.

Watch the full video below.