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Looks Like Game Of Thrones Is Welcoming Back The Most Evil MoFo In Westeros

game of thrones


The last time Game of Thrones fans who do not watch The Strain saw David Bradley, he was viciously murdering Robb and Catelyn Stark at that crimson-colored wedding you may or may not have heard about, back in season three. Lucky for us Walder Frey has been completely absent from the action in the two-plus years since, but not for long: one of Varys’ birds spotted him near the show’s Belfast set earlier this week.

The man previously known as Gryffindor terrorist Argus Filch was spotted by a Strain fan on his way to Belfast on Monday (August 10), which soon drew the attention of GoT fan site WinterIsComing:

Now of course, there are plenty of things to do in beautiful Belfast that aren’t “terrorize the cast of Game of Thrones”: like visit Titanic Belfast, for example, or the Crumlin Road Gaol prison. (Thank you, Belfast tourism board website!) But Frey’s return to seems likely, being that Bradley himself said he would return at some point just last week.

What exactly he’ll do when he returns is still up in the air, but being that multiple characters are within traveling distance of the Riverlands right now—Brienne, Pod, Sansa, and Theon all come to mind—it’s definitely plausible that at least one of them will need the services of the Lord of the Crossing.

Also—book spoilers ahead—many have speculated that a casting call for a “a son who is unable to live up to the demands of his savage father” could be Merrett Frey (thought it could also be Dickon Tarly), and that another, for a rural priest, is Septon Meribald. All of these characters could be given reason to interact with the vicious Frey, and so could Jaime Lannister, if he returns to the Riverlands as he did in “A Feast for Crows.”

But no matter what he ends up doing, we’d be thrilled to see Frey again if it meant A, giving him his comeuppance, and B, the reintroduction of his prisoner-slash-son-in-law Edmure Tully, because Tobias Menzies is a boss on “Outlander” and needs to prove his worth in Westeros, ASAP.

game of thrones