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8 Things That (Probably) Happened When Tormund Crashed A Game Of Thrones-Themed Bar

What could be better than watching Game of Thrones in a bar with tons of fans? Watching it one of the actors, of course.

On Sunday (June 5), Kristofer Hivju, a.k.a. Tormund the Thirsty for Brienne, shared a video on Instagram, explaining how he was going to crash a Game of Thrones–themed bar in Atlanta that airs each week’s new episode. Instead of watching “The Broken Man” alone in his hotel room, Hivju opted to watch it with “all those crazy fans,” and was on his way to meet them.

A video posted by Kristofer Hivju (@khivju) on

Annnnnd, that’s it. As of this writing, Hivju hasn’t posted a follow-up video or pic about the experience, which forced fans to comment with various “what happened at the bar?” responses. Which is why we went ahead and speculated various scenarios that could’ve totally gone down with Tormund in the house. Check out our theories below.

1. The bar patrons get Tormund to play a game of MASH, learning he’s meant to live out his days with Brienne and have 2.5 kids and lots of fancy horses. (Duh.)

2. Everyone prank calls George R.R. Martin.

3. Then they call back and apologize—and then ask when the hell he’s gonna finish the next book.

4. Tormund does a dramatic reenactment of the scene when he scolds Ygritte for not finishing off Jon Snow. Fans interject with different styles they want the scene done as, i.e., with an Italian accent, as a 1930s gangster, etc. No particular reason. Just because.

5. Fans create new memes of Tormund and Brienne having eye sexand quickly become Tumblr famous. A party with balloons ensues.

6. There’s a discussion about the history of wildlings and why people like Randyll Tarly need to just not talk anymore.

7. Tormund leads a Sword Fighting for Film class.

8. Everyone plays a rousing game of Game of Thrones Monopoly. Tormund starts to lose and forces people to give up their cash/hotels because he’s Tormund and can do whatever TF he wants, and don’t you ever forget it.