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Game of Thrones’s Sophie Turner Has Something Very Cool In Common With Emma Watson

Sophie Turner and Emma Watson are leading ladies in two of entertainment’s biggest franchises: Game of Thrones and Harry Potter, respectively. Turns out, they both landed their roles the same way—through school, as Turner revealed on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast Wednesday.

Turner started acting in local productions when she was just three years old. At age 13, the GoT casting crew visited her school, where her drama teacher “just threw [her] in with a bunch of [her] other friends and [they] all auditioned together” over their lunch period. Many callbacks and auditions later, she got the part.

“My mom woke me up one morning and was like, ‘Good morning, Sansa,’” Turner said. “I woke up and was like, [in disbelief] ‘No!!!’ and just started crying. It was a really good day.”


Watson’s rise to household name status was similar. She had only acted in school plays before Harry Potter came calling, and she also auditioned right there in her school.

“When I got the part, I literally couldn’t believe it because I was expecting someone to get the part who had professional acting experience,” Watson told Entertainment Weekly way back in 2001 when Philosopher’s Stone premiered. “But it’s really, really exciting and it’s been a really good experience for me.”

The rest is magical history.