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Game Of Thrones Season 6 Will Feature A Drenched Arya Stark



We’ve already seen quite a few things—and done a whole lot of theorizing—based on the limited information coming out of Westeros Northern Ireland over the past few weeks, but even the mystery of “what the heck is going on with Jon Snow?” is nothing compared to our newest Game of Thrones head-scratcher, which is “why the heck is Maisie Williams hanging out in the muddy waters of Braavos?” Seriously, we’re going to need to consult the Lord of Light and the Seven-Faced god on this one, so brb.




Okay. SO. After staring at the pictures (from Carnlough, Northern Ireland) and consulting with the proper deities, we have three solid theories on what Arya Stark might be up to. (Book spoilers ahead!)

1. She’s getting rid of the corpse of Raff the Sweetling. (This is supported by the fact that season six casting calls have asked for theater performers, and their mutual love of the theater is obviously what brings Arya and Raff together in the first place.)
2. She’s dropped oysters, clams, and/or cockles in the water, and she’s going to pick them up.
3. She spotted Gendry in his rowboat, and is trying to swim after him. (Please, Lord of Light, let this one be true.)

But seriously, all jokes aside, the major thing we can take away from these images is that Williams will not be wearing her blind contacts all season. Which is something most book readers probably already surmised, but you really never know—Thrones has definitely been known to treat the Stark sisters a little more cruelly than their on-the-page counterparts.

aftermath of blind contacts. ????

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