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Game Of Thrones Cut A Brutal Death Scene From Its First Episode

Over its five-season run, Game of Thrones has featured tons of memorably gruesome death scenes. But there’s at least one that didn’t make the final cut—even though it featured one of the series’ most important characters, Jon Arryn.

As fans of the show may recall, it was Arryn, Hand to King Robert Baratheon, who first learned of Cersei and Jaime Lannister’s incestuous relationship. His death led the king to Winterfell to appoint Ned Stark as the new Hand, thus setting the whole series in motion. So basically, this dude’s death is the reason why everyone in the Seven Kingdoms is warring and dying all over the damn place.

In both the show and in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, Arryn is killed off-screen when his wife poisons him on Cersei’s command. But the unaired pilot episode of “GOT” actually featured a more brutal end for the doomed Hand, according to Sir John Standing, the actor who portrayed Arryn.

Standing told Spanish Game of Thrones fan site Los Siete Reinos that he filmed a scene in which Arryn crawls over to a table and reaches for a bottle of ink so he can write a final note (presumably about Jaime and Cersei). But the ink bottle crashes down, Cersei enters the room and furiously stomps on him, and he dies. Eek.

The scene wound up getting cut, and all we saw of Arryn in the series was his corpse—but that was enough for the veteran British actor to receive global fan mail.

“The only performance I’ve got is a corpse, lying there dead with stones on my eyes,” he said, laughing. “And I get fan mail for it, which goes to show the lunacy of Game of Thrones.”