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InnerSpace Celebrates Game of Thrones With Ellie Kendrick

Weeknights 7e 4p

Last week, InnerSpace travelled to New York City and were transported to Westeros for the Season 6 Blu-ray release of Game of Thrones.  Bringing the bonus content from the Blu-ray to life, there were different interactive stations and virtual reality booths set up to let fans get a hands-on experience with what can be expected in the extras.

New York fans were able to preview some cool bonus content and even insert themselves into the most memorable scenes from the past season, which included standing in for Hodor to “hold the door” and becoming Daenerys as the Temple of the Dosh Khaleen burns behind her.

Winter is for real coming, and the release event got even cooler when Ellie Kendrick (aka Meera Reed) showed up to chat with fans and give us a few set secrets from Season 6.

“Where we leave Meera [and Bran] in Season 6, Benjen has left them on their own together and she has just got to get them anywhere. She has a whole lot of dragging to do. Which I actually do as an actor, I am actually dragging Isaac on that sled and he is so much taller than me,” says Kendrick. “Occasionally when they do really, really wide shots they have a dummy. A perfectly rendered dummy mannequin of Isaac who plays Bran. It’s got eyelashes and skin color and you can prod it and it feels almost like a real body, it’s terrifying.”

Check out the video below: