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The Ragin’ Cajun Can’t Catch A Break As Third Director Gore Verbinski Leaves ‘Gambit’


For the third time in Gambit’s development, another director has left the team. Gore Verbinski has officially joined the ranks of Rupert Wyatt and Doug Liman in departing the long-awaited X-Men spinoff.

Verbinski, director of Rango, A Cure for Wellness, and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, announced his departure just weeks before filming was set to begin in New Orleans, Louisiana. Despite the film starring Channing Tatum, it seems like this project can’t get off the ground.

This isn’t the first time an X-Men spin-off has met challenges. Deadpool’s film faced a similar fate after he appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) alongside the Ragin’ Cagun. Much like Gambit, Deadpool’s production team ran into a series of issues during production- such as their budget of less than $60 million (less than all of the prior budgets for X-Men character movies) and character copyright problems (Marvel Studios didn’t own the rights).  But the most notable difference is that Ryan Reynolds, who portrayed Deadpool in the Origins movie, was able to reprise the roll for the subsequent film—unlike his Wolverine co-star Taylor Kitsch. Tatum took over Kitsch’s three-movie deal back in 2015 and has been stuck in its pre-production ever since.

Gambit—known for his signature staff and deck of cards which accompany his ability to manipulate kinetic energy—is more ‘punk-rock’ than many of the other X-Men characters on screen today. Having travelled the world as a thief in many comic story-lines, Gambit is more of an anti-hero. The film’s plot has yet to be released and we can only wonder what it will focus on.

The movie’s release date is still set for June 7, 2019 despite the production having been placed back on hold- all we can do is wait while the search for another director begins again. Maybe the fourth time’s the charm?