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Here’s Why The New Fear The Walking Dead Heroes Will Become The New Villains



Just when you’re about to get out, Uncle Sam rolls along and sucks you right back in.

Such is the situation for Madison Clark and Travis Manawa on the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead. Near the end of “The Dog,” the Clark/Manawa families prepare to hit the road and leave Los Angeles behind for vaguer desert-like pastures—but before they’re able to drive more than a block down the road, armed soldiers come in and secure the neighborhood, promising to bring safety and stability back to their home.

So, we all know how that’s going to turn out, right?

One of the key themes of the proper Walking Dead is the intensification of bad things in good people. We saw it in Shane, who went from good cop to crazed killer. The Governor, too, was not always an awful man, but circumstances turned him into a monster. The less time we spend on what was on the menu at Terminus, the better.

Don’t expect things to be any different for Fear the Walking Dead. We’re at the earliest days of the apocalypse right now, to the point that Travis still feels that heroism and nobility can win out over this illness—while wiser men like Daniel Salazar know that goodness is a weakness in this new world order. The further and further we get along in the timeline, the more and more removed from classic civilization we’ll become, and the further and further all the people we’ve come to know thus far will fall.

Expect it to start with the soldiers, these people entering the neighborhood like heroes in great shining armor. They come with the promise of security and peace. But the unthinkable atrocities washing over mankind right now will turn those promises into a distant memory before long.

Really, it’s not a question of if the soldiers will make life hell for Madison and Travis, but when, and how. Will it involve killing Daniel’s wife if she turns? Will Nick get caught up in some accidental crossfire? It does not help that he hasn’t taken a shower and is still wearing the dirty hospital clothes; dude looks like a zombie.


With only three episodes left in Fear the Walking Dead’s first season, and little more than two or three days of real time passed, it’s just a matter of time before the people claiming they can save society will be among the first people to speed along society’s demise.

Let’s just hope Travis changes his mind about the “no guns” policy by the time he and his family need to hit the road and leave their home behind for good — or, at least, that they manage to convince Daniel to come along for the ride.

That guy knows what’s up.