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Every Fear The Walking Dead Character We’ve Met So Far, Ranked On Their Likelihood To Die

fear the walking dead

It’s the end of the world as we know it, but the characters on Fear the Walking Dead are just starting to figure that out. For many of them, it’s probably too late already.

We’re bound to meet a whole bunch of red shirts and ill-fated zombie fodder in the weeks ahead, but frankly, we almost certainly met some of these future walker victims in the series premiere. Whether it’s a friend of the Clark family, or someone in the Clark family, it’s time to start preparing our goodbyes for some of the people who just said hello.

With that, my power-rankings for the Fear the Walking Dead characters, from most likely to least likely to kick the bucket:

11. Principal Art Costa


Just because we got tricked into thinking he was a walker this week, doesn’t mean he won’t get turned into a walker next week.

10. Alicia’s Boyfriend Matt


Well, he’s not getting back to her texts, and she straight up said, “I hope you’re not dead,” soooo… he’s probably dead, right? If not, he’ll definitely die at some point, because he’s played by someone from The Wire, and people from The Wire do not make it far on The Walking Dead. (Clock’s ticking, Father Gabriel.)

9. Alicia Clark’s Friends


Anyone with too much reliance on their smart phones is going to have to go.

8. That Kid In Travis Manawa’s Class Who Doesn’t Know Jack


…about Jack London. If he’s not equipped to read White Fang, then he’s not equipped to survive in this world.

7. The Manawa Family


Travis’ ex-wife and son do not want anything to do with him, and something tells me that this will change only after it’s far too late.

6. Travis Manawa


Okay, I’m calling my shot: Travis is the fake-out Rick Grimes on Fear, and he’ll die in a big shocking season finale sacrifice. I hope not, because I love me some Cliff Curtis, but I’m going with my gut here.

5. The Salazar Family


Next week sees the arrival of Rubén Blades as Daniel Salazar, plus his wife Griselda and daughter Ofelia. They’re not on the show yet, so who knows what’s going to happen to them. Gotta imagine at least one of them will die, but let’s hold out judgment until we get to know them better.

4. Alicia Clark


She will die so that Alycia Debnam-Carey will have more time to spend on The 100.

3. Madison Clark


I don’t want to live in a Fear the Walking Dead world without Kim Dickens, but I could see her filling out that season-ending shock role just like her on-screen hubby. Fingers crossed that she makes it and fulfills her destiny as the new Carol Peletier—aka, a badass mom with a killer cookie recipe.

2. Nick Clark


The erstwhile Tom Riddle is the very first character we see on Fear, and the very first main character to kill a human and then kill that human’s zombified form. He seems like a big deal, and could be the go-to guy as the series grows.

1. Tobias


The only dude who knows what’s up with all these end-of-the-world shenanigans. Get that knife back in Tobias’ hands, and the world will be a safer place.