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4 Powers Fantastic Four Forgot

fantastic four


With above average superhero movies arriving in theatres once or twice every month, comic book fans might be starting to feel a little spoiled. There was a time not too long ago when they would be overjoyed just to get two watchable superhero movies over the course of an entire year, but the bar has been raised. In that context, we are sad to report that the new Fantastic Four is a major disappointment. While much of the film is vaguely watchable, it’s clearly missing some crucial ingredients. Here are just four of the powers Fantastic Four forgot.

1. Action

fantastic four

One of the big surprises is how little ground this movie covers. Playing more like an extended prologue than a full feature film, it withholds superpowers—and the action that accompanies them—until well into its second half. When a full-blown action sequence finally arrives, it’s short-lived, perfunctory, and not remotely exciting. You know who likes their action like that? Nobody.

2. Chemistry

fantastic four

The title characters spend most the movie’s running time growing into a team, but there’s no real sense of kinship or connection between them. The individual performances are passable, but it feels as if someone forgot to put the actors in a room together to see if they clicked—because they don’t.

3. Humour

fantastic four

One of the reasons the characters fail to gel is the script’s lack of humor—to her credit, Kate Mara breathes life into some otherwise dreary scenes—which leaves little room for charm or charisma. Taking the proceedings far more seriously than they should, the actors give performances that would be right at home in a creaky ’50s B-movie. The filmmakers don’t even have fun with Reed Richards’ stretchiness, a superpower that practically begs for slapstick.

4. Accurate Advertising

fantastic four

If the trailer gave you hope for Fantastic Four, we have some bad news: some of the best moments were removed from the finished film. By all indications, indiscriminate cutting was the filmmakers’ solution to most of their problems, as the film routinely skips past crucial chunks of time, resulting in a superhero movie that is unsatisfying and strangely insubstantial.