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Try Not To Cry While Watching This New Fantastic Beasts Trailer

Last night, Eddie Redmayne premiered the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at the MTV Movie Awards, and we still haven’t been able to process all of our emotions.

Did you catch Newt Scamander’s Hufflepuff scarf? That Albus Dumbledore name drop? (Also, Dumbledore, what did you do?!) The fact that he was expelled from Hogwarts because of his beastly obsession? What about that adorable little fantastic beast? Did you get chills listening to James Newton Howard’s Fantastic Beasts score?! OK, let’s re-live the magic with these 12 amazing moments from the Fantastic Beasts trailer

You see the WB logo, hear the music, and cry a little


And then Newt Scamander makes you cry even harder because he you this like


He has a “muggle-worthy” look


And a hufflepuff scarf


Macusa looks pretty badass


Tina and Queenie practicing magic and being awesome


Who’s Shaw?


What is this international wizard hunt about? Could it be Grindelwald?


This also makes you cry because you’ve been conditioned to burst into tears by things like this


What kind of fantastic beast is this?


He’s so cute!


We’ve never wanted to crawl into a suitcase more than we in this very moment