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Fan Expo 2017: The Losers Club Reveal Their Greatest Fears

Six out of seven Losers Club members participated in a short but informative It panel at Fan Expo this past Friday, touching on everything from Stephen King and ’80s culture to ants and slam poetry.

To kick off the discussion, InnerSpace’s Teddy Wilson asked the young actors if they had been familiar with It or with Stephen King’s work in general before filming the movie. While Sophia Lillis (who plays Beverly Marsh, the lone female Losers Club member) admitted that she had no idea how popular and influential King was until after shooting was complete, Chosen Jacobs (who plays Mike Hanlon) argued that “it’s hard to live on earth and not know about ‘The King’.”

With that being said, the Club members were all aware that It had a huge following and tried to prep themselves accordingly. Jaeden Lieberher, who plays Losers Club leader Bill Denbrough, explained that the desire to live up to the audience’s high expectations pushed the entire cast to step up their acting game.

And speaking of Tim Curry, Wyatt Oleff (who plays Stanley Uris) is adamant that It fans should stop comparing Curry’s performance to that of Bill Skarsgård, the new Pennywise. “They’re two different characters,” Oleff insisted.

Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard, who plays Richie Tozier, agreed with Oleff and complimented Skarsgård’s unique use of body language. “He can do some freaky stuff with his body,” Wolfhard teased.

Though Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Richie’s close friend Eddie Kaspbrak, was absent from the panel, Wolfhard went on to explain that much of the dialogue between him and Grazer was improvised. Wolfhard specially mentioned a scene that takes place behind a pharmacy, joking that only “about three seconds” of the footage for that scene was usable.

The actors then had some fun explaining what It would manifest as for each of them, giving answers as straightforward as “a knife,” “a giant sewer rat,” and “a room with the walls closing in” to ones as bizarre as pool covers, the killer ant colony from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and the puppets from The Dark Crystal,

Wolfhard gave what was perhaps the weirdest answer of all, describing a particularly disturbing scene from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Each panelist also agreed that high school poetry slams never not horrifying.

Plans for an It sequel (which would take place several years after the setting of the first film) are still up in the air. But when asked who each of them would want to play their older selves, the Losers Club did not disappoint. Lieberher, Lillis, and Jacobs selected Ewan McGregor, Jessica Chastain, and Chadwick Boseman while Wolfhard and Jeremy Ray Taylor, who plays Ben Hanscom, selected Bill Hader and Chris Pratt. Are you listening, casting directors?

You can see the Losers Club in all its determined, terrified glory when It hits theatres this Friday, September 8.