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Fan Expo 2017: The Expanse Crew Touches Down To Tell Us How Mad They Are At Naomi

On the fourth and final day of Fan Expo in Toronto, the crew of InnerSpace hosted Shohreh Aghdashloo, Frankie Adams, Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, and Wes Chatham to talk about entering into third season territory with their massively popular sci-fi series, The Expanse.

After a cliff-hanger of a finale last season (Naomi’s massive betrayal of everything the Rocinante crew holds dear, anyone?) things seem tense in the Expanse universe. But are Naomi’s actions as big a deal as they seem? Turns out that yeah, they definitely are. “It’s not great, guys,” admits Dominique Tipper. “I f**ked it up. It’s harsh on the Roci crew. It’s probably the biggest betrayal they’ve ever faced from one of their own. There’s a lot of me hiding in corners in the Rocinante.”

The Expanse

While it would be easy to assume that it’s Holden most affected by Naomi giving the protomolecule to Fred Johnson, it sound like it’s Amos that takes it the hardest. “When we start Season 3, the most important relationship in his life has been betrayed,” says Chatham. “He’s a bit disoriented by that and he’s trying to reorient himself. He reverts back to the law of the jungle, which is the way he was raised and which he knows the best. That has a lot of impact in Season 3.”

The Expanse

“I’d just like to say that Naomi [gave the protomolecule to Fred Johnson], not me,” Tipper emphasized, not wanting to shoulder all of the blame for her character’s decisions. Luckily, Aghdashloo and Adams were there to step in and take some of the heat off of their castmate by reenacting a Season 3 scene, live.

“I yell at her a few times. I swear at her,” says Adams about her character’s complicated Season 3 relationship with Aghdashloo’s Chrisjen Avasarala. “Bobbie’s really brave because she’s one of the only people in the universe who will tell her to f&*k off.”

“Let’s do it!” interjected Aghdashloo, giving the audience a brief glimpse into a future episode. “I say ‘Bobbie, don’t be an idiot!’”

“Ma’am, for the first time in your life,” replies Adams, in character, “please shut the f**k up.”

But it isn’t all f-bombs and blame games in the upcoming season, there’s more awesome storytelling and character development to come, too. “Holden’s very resilient and he gets beaten down quite a bit. It’s a very untraditional hero arc,” says Strait of his character. “After Eros and this slide into this very dark place, he’s almost consumed by fear, [but] he’s bounced back from loss. He was completely unprepared for any of this—he was specifically out there to avoid responsibility. Having him grow into the role requires him to get beat down, and it’s his bounce back that’s made me really empathize with Holden. He keeps trying,” adds Strait, “that’s the joy in playing him and the part that surprises me the most.”