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Fan Expo 2016: The Roci Crew Gave Us A Season 2 Primer For The Expanse

Moderated by Innerspace’s Teddy Wilson, Morgan Hoffman, and Ajay Fry, Sunday’s Fan Expo panel for The Expanse couldn’t have been more packed. Yes, the auditorium was full of fans but the stage was equally crowded as Steven Strait, Dominique Tipper, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Wes Chatham, and Season 2 newcomer Frankie Adams showed up to talk about what’s in store for the popular series.



The cast treated their Fan Expo audience to a new two-minute teaser of clips from the upcoming season. One scene in particular had everyone talking—the one where Holden and Naomi (!?) kiss. Man, Amos cannot be pleased about that development.

Protomolecule Panic

“My favourite thing about these stories is that you guys are going to get to see the true nature of the protomolecule and how powerful it really is and what it really looks like,” said Chatham, who can’t wait for fans to find out more about the deadly weapon in Season 2. Aghdashloo feels the same: “The protomolecule!” she interjected, “So scary!”

A New, Not-To-Be-Messed-With Character

“I play Bobbie Draper, the most badass thing in the universe. Don’t f#$k with me,” says Samoan actor Frankie Adams. Okay. Noted.

Margaret Thatcher Morphing Into Elizabeth Warren


We’ll let Aghdashloo explain this one: “I love my character. She keeps surprising me. Last year she reminded me a lot of Margaret Thatcher and Mrs. Clinton. But this year she reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Warren. She’s just amazing. Twists and turns from the incredible writers of this show.” (Twists, turns, and incredible capes, we’d add.)

Moby Dick References

Strait name dropped a literary legend to describe what’s ahead for Holden: “In Season 2 you see him on this Captain Ahab arc, where the protomolecule is his whale. He slowly descends into this myopic pseudo-madness over trying to get this thing wrapped up because he feels somewhat responsible for what’s gone on, even if we know, as the audience, it wasn’t really his fault.”

Space Lasagna

“There’s a scene in Season 2 that involves lasagna,” said Tipper after being asked whether or not we should expect any humour among all the protomolecule doom and gloom. “We ad-libbed the end of it and I think it’s made it into the cut, so watch out for that. It’s one of my favourite scenes. It involves Miller and the Roci crew.”

Ridley Scott Vibes

“You can see that early Ridley Scott is a heavy influence on our show,” says Strait. “Just from the way it looks and the kind of grit and grime and the realness of how hard it is to be out in space. So often in science fiction you ask the audience to suspend belief for a minute like ‘Technology has solved the gravity problem!’ We don’t do that. It’s difficult—it’s hard on your body, it’s hard on your mind. In that way, I think Ridley Scott is a heavy influence.”

An “Uncle That Just Won’t Get Off Your Couch”


That would be Miller, who’s latched on to the crew of the Roci like a space barnacle. (Sorry, we’re a bit stuck on that Moby Dick thing now.)

Tribalism Vs. Universalism

“The conflict resides between Earth, Mars, and The Belt,” Strait says, circling back to Season 2’s central theme. “The protomolecule is a game changer that has the potential to change humanity as we know it across the board no matter what side you’re on. So you find this philosophical battle between folks who want this power for themselves to use against someone else, and the other side of it—realizing that there are no teams if everyone’s dead.”