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Face Off: “Monkey Business”

In last week’s season premiere of Face Off, our 15 new artists were feeling understandably excited and upbeat. But as that episode came to an end, they were confronted by a daunting new challenge (designing a “tyrannical primate ruler”) that set the tone for episode two.

Racing to complete their aliens and monkeys on time, each of our three teams had ups and downs. While Kelly struggled with her mould, Ben chimed in with some ill-timed criticism. As some sort of karmic punishment, he soon found himself desperately trying to salvage a set of alien hands that were unexpectedly fingerless. Meanwhile, Gregory worried that his monkey makeup wasn’t looking sufficiently primate, a concern that coach Laura shared.

In spite of these three major problems, most of the characters came out looking relatively impressive.

Joined by special guest Rick Baker, judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, and Neville Page took a closer look at the artists’ work, quickly reaching some unanimous conclusions.

Of the aliens, the judges were most impressed by Team Laura’s blue sculpted creation and Team Rayce’s impressively detailed arachnid.

As for the primates, Team Rayce again made a strong impression, thanks to their lovably ancient character.

Team Anthony’s mandrill-inspired character was similarly well received, thanks to its depth and inventive use of colour.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for Team Laura’s primate, as the judges picked up on the weaknesses that worried Gregory and Laura all along.

The judges also took the time to comment on the clumsy shortcomings of the hands Ben created. The legendary Rick Baker was especially critical, arguing that Ben should have abandoned these failed creations.

Having struggled throughout episode two, Ben, Gregory, and Kelly were not surprised to find themselves on the brink of elimination.

To find out what happened, watch episode two now!