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Every Time The Hulk Perfectly Expressed Your Feelings About Work


Photo Credit: Marvel

Work can be fulfilling. It can also make you angry. And your coworkers don’t like you when you’re angry.

Nevertheless, there are times when the good old nine-to-five life drives you absolutely bonkers, so much so that you can feel a gamma-charged rampage building up inside your bones, Hulk-style.

For instance…

When you roll into work early on Monday to get a head-start on the week, but you forgot your office keys at home.

When the deafening sounds of YouTube videos make it abundantly clear that the dude in the next cubicle has never heard of the word “headphones” before.

When you realize you forgot to bring in the delicious lunch you spent two hours preparing the night before…

…and then you realize you left your lunch on the counter, not even in the refrigerator, so you can’t even eat it for dinner.

When you decide you’ll grab a quick bite at the office building’s cafeteria, only to find out it’s closed today.

When almost six hours — six freaking hours — have passed without a reply since you sent that “urgent reply requested” e-mail.

When that 90-minute meeting makes you miss a phone call from the “urgent request” guy, and he doesn’t pick up after numerous attempts to call you back.

When you have two minutes left in your day, and now you finally receive an equally urgent reply to your urgent e-mail.

When it’s now 10 p.m. and you’re just getting out of work, only to have to start all over again in eight hours.