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Every Time Chandler Riggs Told Us, “It’s Coming Up This Season” On The Walking Dead



While Chandler Riggs may be one of the youngest cast members, he is the go-to for his Walking Dead castmates, Lennie James and Norman Reedus, when it comes to questions on all subject-matter ranging from iPhones to video games,  and even internet slang.

Chandler generously donated his time speaking and meeting with children at SickKids hospital before joining the rest of the gang at The Walking Dead panel at Fan Expo 2015.

Riggs had this to say about portraying Carl over five seasons of The Walking Dead;

“I was 10, eleven when I started the show…so I’ve really grown up with my character.  It’s been really fun getting to grow-up with my character. Sometimes people ask me if I ever feel like yelling at [Carl] while I’m reading the script–and I don’t really do–because I understand his motives behind everything he does, because I am Carl…kinda. [Laughs]”

When asked how some of the stars felt about portraying pre-existing versus original characters from The Walking Dead comic, Riggs has this to say;

“I really enjoy playing a character from the comics. Before I started—before I auditioned—I started reading the comics so I could get a better understanding of how to play the character. It was so cool getting to reenact all of the things I’ve read in the comics. It’s been really fun.”


Others, explained they take a more hands-off approach to following the comics’ continuity;

“When I want to know what’s going on in the comics, I ask Riggs…” James quipped.

“I, too, ask Riggs.”  Reedus explained.  “I think we all ask Riggs what’s going on…We ask him how to use our iPhones.  I don’t mind not being in the comics, but I wouldn’t mind being in the comics, though, it looks fun.”

Things took a turn, however, when InnerSpace host and panel moderator Ajay Fry asked for the cast’s thoughts on the AMC series’ spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead.  Reedus derailed the conversation to ask, “what’s canon?”  Conversation went from mildly awkward to super-hilarious, when Reedus interrupted to explain that he was “learning all sorts of new terms” including “fapping” and even used the captive audience at Fan Expo as his very own Urban Dictionary.

When asked by a fan, what scene was the hardest for the cast to shoot?  Riggs dryly responded, “Shooting my Mom.” Which resulted in an uproar of laughs.

Riggs explained that he took the liberty of introducing his castmates to Bad Lip Reading, and Reedus even copped to Googling himself; “I thought that’s what a troll was…if you look up your own name, you’re a troll…I should just ask Riggs about everything…”

Not a bad idea, Reedus.


Now, without further ado, every time Riggs replied to a question with, ” it’s coming up this season”

-When asked, what was their favorite line that one of the characters has said?

-When asked, which character has had the greatest transformation over the course of the series?

-When asked, while reading their scripts, was there a moment that they were most surprised by something that was going to happen?

-What asked, what was their favorite stunt that was performed?

“It’s coming up this season…This season is just so much like season one. It’s so big and epic…Everything that we’re doing just feels like we’re going back to season one. It’s amazing.”

I suppose Riggs does have something to teach his castmates about the subject of trolling.  Well played, Mr. Riggs. Well played.