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Sit Back And Watch Jason Statham Punch Literally Everyone

Just two days ago we posted a video showing every one of Batman’s live action kills. Well, it appears this is highlight video week because Burger Fiction has released a new compilation starring Jason Statham. I’ll be honest, I’ve seen remarkably few Jason Statham movies, but I’ve now seen every single punch he’s ever thrown onscreen. Entitled Every Jason Statham Punch. Ever, this video shows exactly what its title says it will, keeping a running punch tally in the corner. When all is said and done, Statham throws a remarkable 264 punches.


Watching this barrage of hand-to-hand combat, a few patterns are apparent. For one, Statham’s victims are remarkably accepting of punishment, making virtually no effort to evade his fists. He might as well be punching mannequins. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he occasionally has a generic henchman holding his victim.

It should also be noted that Statham avoids the usual movie emphasis on face punches, offering roughly equal time to body blows, with the occasional crotch jab for good measure. That said, it’s remarkable how little variety there is in his screen battles. Thanks to his consistently shaved head—to his credit, he occasionally appears in a beret—and his fight coordinators’ lack of imagination, these fights blur together into one never-ending, if not quite They Live worthy, punch-up… with a brief exception. If you haven’t taken the time to watch Crank: High Voltage, keep your eyes peeled for that film’s utterly bizarre Godzilla fight scene. It may be the highlight of Statham’s career.