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Photographer Shows Us The Sweeter Side Of Stormtroopers

In the “Star Wars” universe, the Imperial Stormtroopers are just an army of faceless, nameless, soul-less pawns with absymal shooting skills.

But underneath their domed white helmets? Hopes and dreams… and love.

Thanks to photographer Darryll Jones, we finally understand the rich inner lives of Stormtroopers, thanks to this Instagram series that follows a very special trooper named Eric (hashtag: haveyouseeneric) on his day off.

So, what do Stormtroopers do when they’re not guarding the Death Star?

Eric meets a llama

"the only good Lama, is a dead lama" is what the biology droid in room 27 on the death star had taught the class, but then, Eric had realised a while back, the biology droid in room 27 was severely wrong about a lot of things, for one, Lama's were not the 2 foot long bright green sharp toothed constrictors he had said they would be. NO, not at all, they were fluffy, friendly and smelled like rotting rubbish. Lemmy the Lama, as he introduced himself, was particularly fond of the hairy green leaf, the leaf which some tourists to the British isles mistakenly use as toilet paper when they are out camping wild. It's a mistake they only make once though, that is, if they live through the blood curdling sting. #lemmythelama #haveyouseeneric #python #lama #darrylljones #nature #stormtrooper #animal

A photo posted by Darryll Jones (@darrylljones) on

Eric gets in touch with his Scottish roots

Eric takes his friend “Bob” for a motorbike joyride

"Heaven is my motorbike Man my mate its out of sight it give me cause to race all day and licence time not much to pay heaven is my motorbike dont tune me grief man can't you see I revs it up and go man go not like the fuzz slow man slow and when I see it in the morning light all chromed up gabba it is a pure delight it is my everything that I'm prouds of the heaven of my motorbike…. Heaven is my motorbike tougher than a scruffy dike happiness it what it gives catch a flick my mate with me I pick you up at half past three… Heaven is my motorbike…. Heaven is my motorbike I loves my motorbike…." Sad Tyre (This is an actual South African Song, that I heard when I was about 4 years old, A search on youtube will bring up the track, it's hilarious….. and possibly the origins of #dieantwoord) hahahahahaha Google: #haveyouseeneric #honda #gorilla #monkeybike #acecafe #motorbike #ride #darrylljones #freedom #song #road #stormtrooper #bobafett #starwars #instagram

A photo posted by Darryll Jones (@darrylljones) on

And on a strawberry picnic

And at moments like this, the troubles of the Empire seem very, very far away