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Peter Capaldi Only Had 20 Minutes To Nail His Doctor Who Regeneration Scene

doctor who

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“I like blowing stuff up. Can’t help it.” For Doctor Who fans, “Twice Upon A Time” director Rachel Talalay’s words couldn’t be more satisfying. The woman who helmed this year’s Christmas Special made sure that it ended with a bang: a regeneration scene that had a real spark to it, worthy of Peter Capaldi’s departing Twelfth Doctor.

But while it looked flawless on screen, the scene was a stressful one to shoot. Not wanting to allow one of the greatest Doctors the series has ever seen to simply fade out (and back in again as someone else), Talalay insisted on an orchestra of explosions perfectly timed with Twelve’s exit.

doctor who

The complicated choreography between actor, director, camera, and pyrotechnics however, meant that the crew was down to their last 20 minutes on set to perfect the scene in which Capaldi leaves us and we’re met with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

doctor who

doctor who

Obviously, they were successful. Twelve sets the TARDIS on fire with his Time Lord transformation… only for Thirteen to come onto the scene, before promptly falling out of it (more on that next season). For now, check out the behind the scenes video on the making of Peter Capaldi’s big finale.