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Celebrate Jodie Whittaker’s First Year As The Doctor With Our New Year’s Who Marathon


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The holiday TV marathon season is upon us, which means that Space will once again host an annual tradition: a Doctor Who marathon to mark Thirteen’s very first season at the helm of the TARDIS. This year, we’re shaking things up a bit: instead of a Christmas marathon, we’ll be celebrating on New Year’s Day to coincide with the debut of the new Who holiday special. To prepare you for what’s to come, we’re looking back, episode by episode, at Jodie Whittaker’s epic season as the first female Doctor—and we’ve got to say, she totally nailed it.


The Woman Who Fell to Earth


When you fall clear out of the sky wearing someone else’s clothes, you really need to focus on the essentials: an outfit that suits and fits you, a new sonic, and some friendly faces. Only then can you confront Tim Shaw’s… err, toothy visage.


The Ghost Monument

Clothes and accessories are superficial things. By the second episode, the Doctor was beginning to figure out who she was: a traveler in need of a ship. And those friendly faces she’d already encountered? They were willing to help her find it.




Travelling through time and space requires rules. See above for the most important one. This moment was the genesis of Team TARDIS (against all odds, that name has really stuck).


Arachnids in the UK


We love a little danger on home turf! The Doctor and her new trio of companions took on a monster in Sheffield (and no, Chris Noth, we don’t mean that giant spider in the hotel ballroom).


The Tsuranga Conundrum


Evil can sometimes come in adorable packages (see: gremlins, cats, toddlers). Such was the case with the Pting, which the Doctor and her companions had to send to space if they wanted to live. Serious breach of the Hippocratic Oath, but you can’t win them all.


Demons of the Punjab


Is it awful to love an episode in which a character is at risk of erasing her own existence by meddling in her ancestors’ timelines? The stakes are just so high! We care so much! We’ve only known these characters for a half a season, but with this crew we got invested fast.




Yet another Who tradition: a shout out (or twelve) to the Doctors that came before. When the Kerblam! Man delivered a Fez to Thirteen, fans of the Eleventh Doctor went a bit wild. Fezzes are cool.


The Witchfinders


By the eighth episode of the season we’d already seen some pretty amazing guest stars, but we were about to be completely floored by Alan Cumming as a torture-obsessed King James I. And the addition of Downton Abbey baddie Siobhan Finneran didn’t hurt either. We’ve missed you, O’Brien.


It Takes You Away


Mirror universes are a recurring theme for Space fans, but this was extra terrifying because it was populated with copies of lost loved ones with the power and sway to make people leave the real world behind. Only the Doctor could talk her way out of this one.


The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos


In the final episode of the season we got to see a unified Team TARDIS defeat an evil they’d faced in the season premiere. Was it awesome? Absolutely. Do we want even more adventures with this crew? Yes please.


Space’s ‘New Year, New Doctor’ marathon begins New Year’s Day at 9e 6p and runs all day until the launch of a new Who tradition: the New Year’s Day Doctor Who Special. The aptly titled “Resolution” will air at 8e 5p. Check out the marathon teaser below.