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The Doctor And His New Companion Visited InnerSpace To Talk Season 10

“It’s the best thing ever.” Those are Steven Moffat’s words, describing his job as Doctor Who showrunner and explaining why he’s stuck with the series for so long (Moffat became the person to have written the most episodes of Who a while back, and he’s still got a little over a year left on the job before veteran writer Chris Chibnall takes over).

Earlier this week, Moffat, executive producer Brian Minchin, new Who companion Pearl Mackie, and the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, landed in the InnerSpace studio in Toronto for a Q&A. It was, to steal Moffat’s words, “the best thing ever.” Here are five major things they told us during Wednesday’s #TARDISinTO Q&A.

What the introduction to the Doctor’s new companion is going to look like


Deftly avoiding any spoilers, Steven Moffat fielded this question by saying: “We really went for it in terms of making it a new Episode One. You start the journey here and you are told everything you need to know. It’s absolutely a proper Episode One in that it’s a perfect journey into the world of the Doctor. But it’s an unusual angle we come in at and it’s an unusual relationship, and it will remain unusual until you watch it.”

The Who monster Pearl Mackie’s most afraid to face


“I really don’t want to meet the Weeping Angels. I mean, I’m quite blinky,” joked Mackie, who, as we’ve seen in the teaser clip that introduced us to her character Bill, is not fazed by Daleks in the least.

The Canadian landmark where Peter Capaldi would most like to shoot an episode of Who


Sorry CN Tower/Drake, Capaldi chose another iconic Ontario spot: Niagara Falls. “It’s incredible and I haven’t seen it in movies or on TV for quite awhile. There was a period when it seemed to be at the climax of almost everything but it hasn’t been around for awhile so I think it’s time we do it.”

What to expect from the Christmas Special


The special, airing in just a few months, will feature the return of Matt Lucas and the debut of Canadian actor Justin Chatwin… in a superhero role? “It’s a wonderful script,” said Capaldi. “It’s very evocative of the sort of Christopher Reeves Superman movies, which were funny and lighthearted and sweet. I think it’s a brilliant script and Justin’s fabulous in it. You know when you used to put your favourite films on on Christmas Day? It feels like we’ve made a favourite film.”

The Who episodes that Peter Capaldi likes to revisit… and the ones he’ll never watch again


Capaldi cites the last episode of “The Day of The Daleks” as a favourite but adds: “To be honest, if any episode of Doctor Who comes on, I’ll sit and watch it to the end. My wife thinks I’m really sad—I play Doctor Who. But there’s so many episodes I love.”

It’s episodes from the original series that he doesn’t like to go back to. “There are many, many very old episodes that I won’t watch because they exist in my memory and my imagination as very powerful. “Lords of The Red Planet” is like that. When I saw it the first time I was a child and I was absolutely intrigued and taken by these strange creatures. They were fibreglass and felt and a zombie bashes into the camera but at the time when you watch it as a child it’s magic.”

InnerSpace’s entire Q&A with Capaldi, Mackie, Moffat, and Minchin will air October 22, right before the series premiere of Class. In the meantime, watch Wednesday’s Facebook Live event right here!