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Catch Doctor Who On The Big 3D Screen This Week

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Hello Who fans, we’ve got big news for you: while we’re sure you only watch Doctor Who on the finest flat screen televisions available, this week marks your chance to see the show in a whole new way. The last two episodes of the eighth season are screening at Cineplex theatres across the country in GLORIOUS 3D.

A three dimensional Peter Capaldi teams up with a three dimensional Jenna Coleman to battle 3D Cybermen in “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven,” the two-part finale from season eight.


The show will also include a short called ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’, a prequel to the first episode of season nine, airing on Space this Saturday September 19 at 9e.

“After the enormous success of the 50th Anniversary, we decided to bring the Doctor back to the big screen so Whovians across Canada can have a fully immersive experience with Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. The season eight finale, along with an exclusive interview with Peter and Jenna, is the perfect way to get fans ready for the upcoming premiere of the new season on SPACE,” said the BBC’s Soumya Sriraman.


Doctor Who: Dark Water/Death in Heaven is showing at 87 theatres across the country. Screenings are scheduled for September 16 (today!) and September 20. Check here for local showtimes and theatres.