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Doctor Strange Sneak Peek Is True To Its Title

doctor strange


Over the weekend, Marvel’s Kevin Feige gave a Doctor Strange presentation during day two of the D23 Expo 2015. While the film doesn’t go into production until November, Feige made a powerful impression on those in attendance with some eye-popping production art and animatics. /Film’s Peter Sciretta praised the “comics-accurate costume” and drew comparisons to one of the most celebrated science fiction movies in recent memory.


“There were… physics-defying images of cities and cars warped in a manner that immediately bring to mind Christopher Nolan’s Inception,” he wrote, highlighting “crazy images, of cars and whole highways of vehicles floating in formation with no pavement, insane-looking buildings moving in warped patterns.” And that’s just the parts on Earth. “There were very surreal-looking visions of planets and other sights that could be intergalactic, or simply other-dimensional. Think of the last major shrinking sequence from Ant-Man, which was clearly a lead-in to Strange, but on an even weirder scale.”


Star Benedict Cumberbatch also made a brief appearance (via video call), earning laughter with a Vulcan salute. You’ll see that moment in the video below, as well as an abridged version of Feige’s presentation, which also covers Captain America: Civil War. Stay until the end, and you’ll see a major Marvel superhero stop by for a surprise visit, briefly demonstrating his powers as a Disney salesman.