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Run-D.M.C.’s Graphic Novel Is Headed For The Big Screen


If there’s one thing Run-D.M.C. knows, it’s that it’s tricky to rock a rhyme that’s right on time. I have no clue where I’m going with this, but here’s some dope news for fans of the hip-hop trio, and their recent foray into comics: The Tracking Board reports that TriStar is developing a feature film based on Darryl McDaniels’ (of Run D.M.C., duh) 2014 superhero comic based on the group, which is appropriately called DMC, which is basically their name without the “Run” and punctuation.

DMC is set to be co-produced by McDaniels, who some are saying may star as the titular superhero that’s essentially based on him, but with superpowers. The Tracking Board also provided a handy synopsis for those unfamiliar with the comic:

“Released in October of 2014, the graphic novel is set the New York City of 1985, in which graffiti covers subway cars as b-boys break and spin in playgrounds and on street corners. Drugs and crime rule the streets, though a handful of superheroes in spandex and capes wield their gadgets and superpowers to “clean up” the city–but only for the benefit of a select few. The ‘graffiti king’ Mr. Marx roams the subway tunnels, moral crusader The Puritan watches over the Lower East Side, while the Upper East Side’s Helios.”

The film is being pitched “Kicka$$ in tone” and will blend ’80s New York City pressures and anxieties with more traditional comic book storytelling.

And for all you fans of the comic, volume two is expected to drop sometime this fall. Learn more about DMC here, and check out the groovy covers below: