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What Would Disney Movies Look Like If Tim Burton Directed Them?

Andrew Tarusov is a Los Angeles-based animator and illustrator that’s been drawing Disney interpretations for years. His newest series of drawings takes the entire Disney universe to a very dark place—and people are eating it up.

The artist, originally from Russia, has seen his imaginative work go viral before when he illustrated Disney princesses as pinup models—and their villain counterparts as pinups, too.

This time, he reinterpreted Disney classics like Snow White, The Lion King and Bambi as if Beetlejuice, and The Nightmare Before Christmas director Tim Burton had created them, and they’re all mysterious, creepy and downright perfect.

See all ten Burton-esque creations below.

1. Beauty and the Beast


2. Dumbo


3. The Lion King


4. Sleeping Beauty


5. Pinocchio


6. The Little Mermaid


7. Bambi


8. Aladdin


9. Snow White


10. 101 Dalmatians


For more of Andrew Tarusov’s work, follow him on Instagram or visit his website.